It Isn’t About Eating Less- It’s All About Eating Right!

The very concept of diet deludes us. In the pursuance of dramatic weight loss we pay a huge price by comprising our wellness. This happens as a consequence of zeroing in on fads beyond the ideal.

Being experienced fitness instructors, we at Fitness Personal Coach, consider it to be our moral responsibility to save you from commercial gimmicks. We strive to guide you through the enlightening process of fitness transformation by introducing you to a range of nutrition diets approved by medical practitioners. These diets offer the perfect fusion of antioxidants, macro and micro nutrients that rejuvenates the body and feed in you the spirit of longevity by boosting immunity.

Within a healthy body resides a healthy mind. So let’s chant the mantra of ‘Eat Healthy, Think Better’ and take a plunge into myriad weight loss diets!

Ayurvedic Diet- A Sanskrit sloka mentions, food has the best therapeutic effect if rightly consumed. In fact, Ayurvedic draws its inference from the statement by not only focusing on what we eat but also on when and in what proportion. For an instance, it says, only a kapha predominant will be willing to eat raw vegetables and fruits, a vata predominant will always choose heavy and spicy platters high on flavors while a pitta predominant drowns in sweetness. But, the balance of six flavors- sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, and pungent is what an Ayurvedic diet suggest.

Intake of unprocessed natural variants at the right hour is highly recommended. Raw stuff should ideally be opted for during the afternoon when the sun is overhead and the body produces maximum Agni for metabolism. Such diets focus on the natural body detox/ cleansing mechanism and work towards gearing the inherent enzymes that assist in digestion, boosting bodily functions in a holistic manner.

Ketogenic and Paleo Diet- Although both are more or less driven by the idea of low carbohydrate intake, the later concentrates on easily digestible alternatives, consciously doing away with dairy, grain as well as processed food. It suggests a shift to nutrition rich fruits and veggies and food with high fat content and complex carbs, without paying much heed to the level of macronutrients.

Whereas, keto draws a balance in the consumption of macronutrients- different sources of fat, carbs and protein. The idea at the core is to limit glucose- the source of instant energy, so that the body starts burning fatty acids to retain strength and execute designated actions. Ketosis takes care of sporadic insulin fluctuations and is the best source of treating Type 2 diabetes.

Intermittent Diet- Quite unusual yet quite effective! One of the new mechanisms of weight management in the block is teaching us the classic importance of fasting, followed by our ancestors. The diet does not restrict your intake but restricts the period of intake. 16 hours of fasting or intake of calorie free liquid is followed by 8 hours eating window as per your suitability. Even in the absence of clinical certification, intermittent fasting has set a milestone to arouse common consciousness by manifesting magical results.

We at Fitness Personal Coach would consciously refrain from recommending any of the above without engaging in a direct conversation with our coaches and then plan your fitness goals.

But, whichever be your choice, it is important that you select nutritious options and prepare a wholesome eating index in consultation with a nutritionist or professional dietician. Avoid hacks and stay healthy!